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Lifer BMX is a rider owned and rider run store located in Tavistock, on the edge of Dartmoor National Park, Devon.
The Lifer Crew now reside in the same premises as Dartmoor Cycles, and is owned and run by rider Andy Boyle, who oversees the whole operation from the BMX side of things to the Downhill MTB stuff, with help from Mike, Chris and Steve who keep the glue in the joints of the place.
We have a large and fantastic team of riders, who are more like family than just a team... here's a list of who is who in the world of Lifer BMX right now.

 Steve Wilson 


Steve is the founder of Lifer BMX. Steve grew the business from the ground up before opening the business up to Andy and the crew at Dartmoor Cycles, and now they all live under one big happy roof, that smells a little of oil and pasties, but is rammed with great products. Steve has ridden BMX since 1983, and always tries to get anything BMX related mentioned on the TV when he is presenting on ITV's This Morning programme. steve is a showbiz luvvie, and a BMXer. What a strange combo.

 Chris Hardy 


 Chris lives bmx more then any rider i have met and has been in the scene for ever and is well known through out the bmx industry. Alongs he gets to ride he is happy! if its dry chris and bella (his dog) will be out and about shreddin a local street spot and if its wet he will ride what ever is available. He will always have something to chat about and generaly one of the nicest dudes you will meet.

Robert Brown


Brownie is one of the long standing Saltash group of riders, and has always been fond of a good backrail over-icepick. Still shredding to this day, and being a father, Brownie is and always has been a local legend.

Tom Isted


Tom is a local from Liskeard and known as sketchy but is definetly not sketchy anymore just completely and uterly nuts!. He is on the Mongoose flow team and puts every component on his bike to the test. If you see him anywere he wil probably be upside down or so high you will be speechless. If in doubt flat out is what it seems tom lives by, go big or go home, and he always gets it done. A pleasure to have him aboard. 

Chris Hull


Chris is a tavistock local and has been around and supported liferbmx since the beginning. He sherds every time he rides and just loves it, and has his own style which is good to watch. Nice dude and always a laugh to be around.

Tim Rudd


Tim is always happy to help out how ever he can just a rearly nice dude. His riding style is a pleasure to watch so smooth and stylish he just flows effortlessly around. Never has a bad word to say such a rad dude to be around.

Matt Dalley


Matt came to our attention when we met him out riding a few times. He is so smooth on a bike and most importantly, a positive influence to be around. Just a few days after joining our team, Matt was diagnosed with Leukemia. Matt is undergoing treatment and remains the most positive and most inspirational member of our team.

Ryan Hallett


Ryan is our videographer, who not only makes insane videos, but also is a great rider. Ryan is such an important member of our team!
Craig Stevens
Craig is our South African shredder, who rides for Profile, and is one of the funniest blokes ever. We met Craig through our Extreme Ambassadors deal , and when he left to travel the world, we couldn;t let him go that easily, and made him part of our team!
Darren Rowe
Darren was brought to our attention by Lee Martin at, a cool clothing company from Cornwall. Lee filmed an edit of Darren's street riding. It was amazing. We hooked him up. Darren really is that awesome on a bike. We are all jealous of his nose wheelies.

Kayley Ashworth


Kayley is at the fore front of female BMX riding. She rides for Diamond Back Europe and has the best attitude to BMX. Kayley is a whirlwind of fun, and totally flows on a bike, there is never a dull moment when she's around.

Jay Openshaw


He totally kills it when he's on a bike. Jay has been around a while, and shows no sign of slowing up, in fact he gets better every year, as does his moustache. Big, ballsy and a total nice guy to boot.

Joe Samson-Hill


Joe is a local Tavistock trails ripper with so much style - it's all about the good times with Joe, and he is a top bloke as well as a superb rider.

Northern John


NJ is a legend. A stalwart of the BMX scene, and hilarious to be around. NJ rides for Wethepeople and is totally brilliant on a bike. He's also a great guitarist, and songwriter- we are writing a musical that we will unleash on the world one day. And not to mension the best fisherman in all of the land!. NJ rules!

Martyn Tambling


Verde, Duo and Cinema UK Team Manager and rider, Martyn is one of the finest riders in the world, simple. His natural ability and style on a bike has to be seen to be believed, Martyn has and alway will be one of our favourite riders EVER, and Lifer is SO stoked to have him on the team.

Rob Ridge


Rob has been one of our closest friends in the BMX industry since the year dot. Rob is without doubt he finest ramp rider this counry, if not the world, has ever produced. His passion for BMX knows no bounds, he is an inspiration, and is one of the most innovative, smooth, totally amazing riders ever. It is a total pleasure and an honour to have Rob on our team. Rob currently rides for Standard Bikes.

Alex Leech


The inventor of Left Hand Drive. Seriously! I could write for 50 pages how good Alex is and how important he is to BMX history - not only was ALex the inventor of Left Hand Drive hubs, he also was among the first to make bullet proof female axle hubs, front brake systems that WORKED, hub guards, and many many other modifications that helped shape the BMX products we know today. Alex used to ride for S&M Bikes and is a member of the international S&M Familia - a bunch of riders who are always closely tied with S&M. Just recently I built some new wheels for Alex, and he wanted an Eclat left had drive rear hub - they were no where to be found in the UK - but one email from Alex to Brian Tunney in the USA and a hub was found for him from Eclat in Germany and sent to us ... for FREE. Brian said - " UK BMX Legend , inventor of Left Hand Drive " and that was enough for Eclat!

Sam Hulse


Sam Hulse, or Weird Sam as he is otherwise known, is a total shredder from Southport, Merseyside. Sam kills it on a bike, as well as making some of he finest cocktails in the land.. just witness his bottle throwing skills. Sam is one of the nicest riders you'll ever meet, and we are currently trying to persuade him to move to Devon so he can make us all cocktails and teach us how to tuck no handers like he does. Sam rides for Xposure.

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